Single Selects

The Deadshot Polymers “Single Selects” option allows anyone the opportunity to purchase a single barrel insert blank in an endless combination of colors.

To Purchase Single Selects:

1. Select your colors (feeL free to browse all products our website to compile your list OF colors)

  • All in-stock standard colors are available within our Single Selects series.
  • Standard colors include our solid, transparent, pearls, and swirls
  • Mix-n-Match any color without any additional upcharge
  • Specialty series and Camo series are not available in Single Selects

2. Select your quantity (minimum of 2 per order is the only requirement)

  • Low minimum purchase requirement of only 2 blanks per order.
  • You can select 2 barrel blanks or 2 insert blanks or choose 1 barrel and 1 insert for your full call… the choice is yours!

3. Stock Size

  • All barrels will be a minimum of 3.25” in length and 1.50” in diameter
  • All insert blanks will be a minimum of 4.00” in length and 1.125” in diameter. For insert blanks, Deadshot Polymers reserves the right to use either 1.125” or 1.25” stock.

4. Pricing

  • We keep it simple: $10/barrel blank and $10/insert blank!
  • All stock is the same price! Yes, pearls and swirls are the same as solids and transparents!

5. Shipping

  • Buyer pays low-cost shipping. We do NOT upcharge on any of our shipping charges! All packages are shipped via UPS and each buyer will receive an emailed tracking number.

6. Place Your Order (use any of the following options):

7. Payment

  • Upon receiving your order, Deadshot Polymers will crosscheck available stock with your list of blanks. Deadshot will then contact you for your payment and shipping information. Payment methods include PayPal or Credit Card.

Example Orders

Example order: Hello, this is John Smith, I would like to place an order for your single selects. For this order I would like 2 yellow barrels and 2 wicked purple inserts. Please contact me at ………

Example order: Hello, this is Mike Jones, I would like some single selects. Please check stock for 4 white barrels, 2 black inserts, and 2 venom pearl inserts. Thank you

Example order: Hello, this is Tim Johnson, I would like 2 black barrels and 2 black inserts.